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Cognitive Interview Training

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Course Comments
2 day cognitive interview "Really good, interesting and valuable training"
Achieving Best Evidence "Chris Handley is awesome. I have never come across such an enthusiastic trainer who clearly shows passion and believes in what he does. He accommodated my learning styles appropriately and made the training not only interesting but fun as well"

"......excellent facilitator"

"I feel that the course was very successful, and the use of actors was extremely valuable in allowing us to feel like we were in a real life situation. I really believed I was interviewing a child and the actors where fantastic. Without this I donít think I would have felt totally prepared and ready to use ABE in real life"

Investigative Interviewing "Chris's knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject area make his delivery very good"

"Chris was a very knowledgeable trainer and made the training easy to get through due to his personality"

"Chris was a very good trainer. He has a very relaxed manner in his teaching which we as a group responded well too. Chris was very alive to the fact there were varying degrees of experience in the group and dealt with this really well. Any areas we did not understand Chris made sure we did. Chris made the course very enjoyable and I learnt loads from the course as I was interested and motivated by him"
File disclosure (CPIA 1996) "This area of policing is often viewed as very uninteresting. The trainer managed to captivate the audience and made the entire course an enjoyable experience The trainer highlighted how this area of police work in particular could be utilised in my current role as a source handler"