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Cognitive Interview Training

Admissio - A B E

Achieving Best Evidence:

This five day course develops the skills of the interviewer to achieve a Visually Recorded Interview [ABE] with victims and witnesses including children, adults with Learning Disabilities and Mental Disorders, as well as adults suffering issues of intimidation.
The process of achieving a visually recorded interview is explored in detail, beginning with an assessment of the witness needs as well as their cognitive ability, through the initial information gathering exercise (particularly important for those concerned with managing the first disclosure of information such as those working in education and safeguarding roles), to the obtaining of all the information in a structured way allowing students to produce a final interview product that is focused around the needs of the witness and producing detailed, accurate and reliable information presented in a format that will satisfy the needs of the judiciary or other decision making panels.
The timetable includes assessed practical interviews involving the use of professional actors to enhance the learning experience.
Objectives: - At the end of this course the student will be able to: 

1/ Effectively interview a child witness or victim

2/ Effectively interview Vulnerable or Intimidated adult witnesses

3/ Effectively interview a victim of a sexual assault

4/ Explain the phases of the Visually Recorded Interview

5/ Prepare thorough, effective and rationalised assessments of victims and witnesses

6/ Understand the range of Special Measures and provisions available at court