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Cognitive Interview Training

Admissio - Investigative Interviewing

Investigative Interviewing: 

"It is all about fine grain detail".  This five day course is designed to give students all the theory and practical knowledge that they will need to effectively carry out detailed witness and suspect interviews to a high degree of expertise.  The timetable includes assessed practical interviews involving the use of professional role play actors to enhance the learning experience.
Focusing on the Enhanced Cognitive Interview process and 'Conversation Management' this course will develop the skills of the interviewer to identify the key areas and obtain maximum detail by effective control of the interview process as well as the management of the information gathered.
Objectives: - At the end of this course the student will be able to:

1/ Effectively plan and conduct witness, victim and suspect interviews

3/ Explain the phases of the written statement process

3/ Prepare thorough, effective and rationalised assessments of victims, witnesses and 

4/ Understand the range of Special Measures and provisions available to witnesses and 
    victims at court 
We are delighted to be able to offer variants on this course:
  • A two day Cognitive Interview course focusing on witness testimony.  Students will experience being interviewed as a witness and will lead an interview to reinforce the positive effects of the process (No role play actors).
  • A two day 'theory' input covering the principles of obtaining witness and suspect testimony.  Students will be given all the theory needed to understand the interview processes (No role play actors).