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Cognitive Interview Training

Admissio - Statement Taking

About Us:

Our qualified trainer has over 23 years of practical experience working within the Criminal Justice System and has a vast experience of multi agency working having worked within safeguarding teams concerned with Child Protection.  He has a clear understanding of the needs for ethical, robust and detailed information gathering that will withstand scrutiny and is committed to ensuring the training delivered is up-to-date and nationally recognised.
Having been dedicated to training police officers and staff since 2009 in all levels of investigative interviewing, including Visually Recorded Interviews of vulnerable persons which is commonly referred to as 'Achieving Best Evidence' (ABE).  He is an experienced practitioner in the techniques bringing his own knowledge and experience to the training environment while explaining the techniques in a clear and engaging manner. 
Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing (ECI) begins with planning and preparation for the interview and continues through rapport building where ground rules are established.  ECI is a managed and methodical approach to interviewing and its use through the questioning phase will maximise the information retrieved by a focussed recall of events.  The process can increase the amount of correct recall by up to 75%.
Conversation Management is also reliant on good preparation and a non-judgmental approach with rapport and ground rules being of importance.  This is used when the interviewee is less forthcoming with information.  Our trainer will demonstrate the structure of the model and persuasive language techniques that are designed to increase the amount of information gained.
We will give you the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to undertake thorough and comprehensive cognitive interviews.  Our witness and victim focused interview courses are underpinned by the 2011 “Achieving Best Evidence In Criminal Proceedings” manual of guidance and the teaching is enhanced by the use professional actors who are trained to support workplace training programmes and deliver honest and helpful feedback.