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Cognitive Interview Training

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Enhanced Cognitive Interview (ECI) techniques have been shown to increase the amount of correct recall gathered during the interview process by up to 75% compared to standard question and answer interviewing.
ECI is suitable for any interview situation where the interviewee is co-operative while the ‘Conversation Management’ model can be employed to encourage less compliant individuals to be forthcoming.  Both models are used by the police service and are transferable to other agencies and investigation teams.  They can be well used while dealing with witnesses, victims and suspects including children.
Admissio Ltd is committed to providing quality interview training for investigators working within any investigative role including the police, social services, trading standards and other law enforcement agencies as well as those working in education.  We specialise in interviewing vulnerable adults and children, including people with mental health or learning disabilities by way of Achieving Best Evidence (ABE), ensuring that they are equally able to provide clear, reliable and accurate information.
We can provide the tools required to complete thorough interviews and effective evaluation of information obtained in pursuit of your business.  This will include intelligence gathering, internal discipline procedures as well as formal investigations.  Further expertise in the area of suspect interviewing will provide your staff with the complete investigative interview package.
We can offer bespoke training packages tailored to meet your needs and can facilitate evening and weekend training on request.  We use professional actors to enhance the learning experience while our training facilities at The Keep in Kempston are easy to reach and have ample free parking.  Alternatively we can bring our training expertise to you.

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